A mentor is someone who is experienced in their industry, invests their time and heart into their team, and provides guidance, support and experience.  Choosing the right mentor for you is a very personal path and one I encourage you to invest your time into.  Learn about the person you are considering as your leader, find out about their strengths, weaknesses, and even their achievements. Interview him/her!  Not all mentors are created equal.  Choosing your mentor involves research.  Your mentor will be your go to person, will introduce you to the business.   Here are a few things to consider as you interview potential mentors:

  • Is the individual familiar with Direct Sales?
  • How long has she been with the company?
  • How knowledgable is the mentor about the product, company and compensation package?
  • What are his/her goals in the industry?
  • Is he/she engaged with the team?
  • Does he/she have a social media platform for the team?
  • Does he/she offer training?
  • Does he/she offer one on one calls?
  • Does he/she have business hours and do those business hours coincide with your schedule?
  • Is he/she inspiring?
  • Is the individual responsive and does he/she have multiple contact methods?
  • Do your personality fit?

As committed mentor of a team of over 8000, who works the business as a full time career, I will be there for you every step of the way.  My role and responsibility to you, as a mentor is to:

  • train and coach you
  • guide you through social media best practices
  • encourage you to do your best
  • explain the career plan and compensation plan
  • educate you regarding the company policies, procedures and processes
  • encourage you to attend company sponsored events
  • help and guide you to grow your business outside your “circle of family and friends”
  • give you the tools to succeed and grow your business through best practices
  • assist you in recruiting campaigns to grow your own team
  • provide you the training and tools to have repeat business through superior service

I would love the opportunity to learn about you!  Feel free to contact me.

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