Choosing a mentor is so important, as is choosing the right mentor for you!  Before choosing, consider what you want from your business, what your needs are, and what your expectations are.  A mentor is someone who will help you achieve results, will guide you through their experiences and leadership as well as be a trusted advisor and coach.  A mentor need be someone who is familiar with Direct Sales;  is successful, responsive, engaged and familiar with the many different aspects of the industry.

Your mentor will be someone you feel is compatible with your business goals and someone who can support you, train you and guide you in your journey.

We all have a different vision and goal, so align yourself with someone strong and dependable.

Remember, a good mentor can be your “rock” from anywhere, distance and location truly will not matter.  There is no need to be in the same zip code, especially if you are part of Team Whootie Whoots.  Our team presence spans across all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and many United States Military Bases overseas.

If you are looking to join a great company and an even more amazing team, consider joining Team WhootieNinjas!

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