Hello Beautiful, look into my eyes….

Ever felt like you didn’t have someone’s full attention?  Was it because they were not focused on what you were saying or maybe just not making eye contact….

Eye contact is so important when building a relationship with someone.  Eye contact helps us feel connected, respected, appreciated, it builds trust and even conveys a sense of interest in the other person.  It’s truly powerful to look someone in the eye.  Let’s chat about this a bit further.

  • Feeling connected to someone requires a willingness to not only open yourself up to share more private and personal aspects of your life, but it also requires us to make good eye contact.  When we share bits of personal information with someone, such as “I have a dog too”, “I’ve visited Spain before”, or  “Yes, my favorite color is purple too” this dialog invites the recipient to share personal information with you.  Finding commonalities with someone else creates a “bond” and begins the foundation of a relationship.  Imagine how you would feel if the person you were sharing dialog with, never looked you in the eye…would you share personal information?  I know I wouldn’t, because I’d feel an assumed lack of interest being reciprocated.
  • Respect is earned and when we make eye contact with someone, we are silently conveying equality, value and importance.  It’s best to maintain eye contact at an equal eye level, not standing above someone; such as one person sitting and the other standing.  The individual at the lower level may feel inferior, while the individual at the higher level may feel superior.  Sit together or stand together, this adds value and warmth to a conversation, thus creating mutual respect.
  • How can you tell someone appreciates you?  Is the appreciation shown by actions or words?  A meaningful look in someones eyes, especially while thanking the person for their business,  enables the other person to feel your emotions.  We connect to others through emotions, so eye contact is vital!  Imagine purchasing an item and never hearing thank you, not receiving eye contact or even a hand shake…would you shop with this company or person again?  It’s not likely.
  • Trust takes time and is cultivated over several encounters.  We need relationships in our lives to maintain good health, happiness and to be successful.  Remain true to your word, be honest by telling the truth, be transparent, and lead with integrity.  If you tell your customer you will call, be sure to call.  “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” George MacDonaldWhen building a business, it is so very important that our customers feel valued, appreciated and connected.  Whether you are listening to a story being shared, finalizing a sale, or smiling….make eye contact.Our eyes are one of our best attributes for human expression!  A million different emotions can be seen in a simple expression.  In one glance, we can tell a lot about a persons character and emotions; sometimes our eyes will not match the rest of our body language.  It’s said the eyes are a window to the soul and truly convey what is happening in someones life.   Sincerity can be felt, through eye contact.

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