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In the Direct Sales industry, bookings are at our centermost core.

Without bookings, there is no customer and without bookings…we won’t have a successful business.  Be willing to step outside your comfort zone, do what others wont, and you will find success!

So, how do you get bookings?  When I began my career in Direct Sales, I immediately stepped outside my immediate circle. I didn’t ask my friends and family to book a party, I got online and researched vendor events and/or boutiques.  For me, events are what got my business off the ground.  I participated in as many as I could squeeze onto my calendar.  It’s super important to keep in mind, vendor events are not about selling….leads, leads, leads.

In addition to vendor events, I applied several of the listed “Ways to GET BOOKINGS” into my routine and daily business.  As you’ll find, this list contains nearly 200 ways you can get bookings!  Think outside the box, be creative and imagine all the possibilities if you just step outside your comfort zone and a take a risk.  Hard work pays off!

  • Wear company logo wear to the gym when you work out
  • Post a flyer on the inside of bathroom stalls
  • Leave your card at local businesses
  • Purchase magnetic business cards or a roll of magnetic tape to add to existing business cards.  Hand these out to customers, prospects, or even affix them to random places with magnetic spaces
  • Keep a portable party in your car, never know when it may come in handy to show your product to a prospect
  • Keep a list of special requests and let those guest know when that product is on sale or is available
  • Suggest hosting a party to complete Christmas shopping without leaving home
  • Offer a booking bonus for hostesses who book on days or months you need and extra party

Want to see more ideas?  Click the link for the complete document!



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