Almond Flour Anxiety

If you have anxiety, you will totally understand what I’m sharing, even if your anxiety stems from something different.  Having extensive food allergies since birth has been exceptionally debilitating for me.  Learning about the changes to those allergies and dealing with masses of hives and anaphylaxis reactions this past 6 months has been a very journey.  I’m literally afraid to eat anything outside my norm and the idea of doing just that gives me anxiety…last night was no exception.

I’ve had to learn lots of ways to cope…having Benedryl and an Epi Pen close by being #1.  I got through it last night and I am over the moon!!!!

I’ve not had any nuts for 6 months now, because my allergy dr told me to steer clear.  I’m allergic to nickel and nickel naturally occurs in nuts!  Plus, I tested positive for pecan and peanut.  Very scary allergies to have!!

3 nights back, I cracked the shell of an almond and ate it.  NO ISSUES!  I was soooo excited.  This meant my body was starting to finally normalize….I’m so excited!  So, I decided last night to just do it!  Make something with Almond Flour.

I made my own version of Paleo Fried Chicken.  I cannot eat Paprika because of my Balsam of Peru allergy, so I decided to use celery salt, garlic, pepper, salt and parsley.  Let me tell you the chicken was ooooh ooooo soooo good!  I was in heaven.

I took a few bites and sat at the table, waiting my 3 minutes to see if I would have a reaction.  When I had no reaction, I finished up my dinner and I’ve not tried anything new today.  Knocking on walls here, so thrilled to not have a reaction!!!

Almond Flour is my new go to!  Wooohoo!

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