The obstacles while searching for family are real!  We have an amazing “shoebox” of tools to help us search for family, including the ability to provide a sample of our dna.  Sure there are margins for error, but often times I’m able to provide proof “I am your family” based upon historical documents.

This road is a tough one and quite frustrating too…I sure hope it goes down a different path soon.

When my father was 2, his parents divorced.  Over the years he saw his father 3 times, to his recollection.  His father had a brother and a sister and his brother never married.  Both men died in their early 60’s of heart attacks, as did my fathers only brother.  For nearly 20 years, off and on, I would dedicate pockets of time to find my fathers family.  His father was Meyer Grotsky, son to Leah Berman and Benjamin Grotsky.  I’m not any closer today to finding extended family beyond the parents and their 3 children.  I do know Meyer’s sister had children, 2 to my knowledge and one had the same name as I do…quite ironically and pretty cool because my name isn’t common.  One of her daughters is alive and I’ve been in contact with her.  This living relative is my fathers cousin, not a 2nd or distant….but his first cousin.  I have been in contact with her via email and the most I can get from her is I’m being impatient, she will reach out when she feels like it and my grandfather wasn’t a positive influence.

I know these facts-my grandfather married 3x, had no other children except my dad and my Uncle.  He worked in liquor sales and died at 61.  I have one photo of him; that is him on the left and my grandma next to him.

I know nothing of his siblings or parents.  I do know they lived in Pennsylvania, so I guess that is something.  I want to know what my great grandparents were like, what they looked like, what they did with the life they had and any details or stories.  My fathers cousin has home videos and I know this because she’s told me, she has photos and even stories, yet she is unwilling to share.  I don’t understand why you’d withhold familial heritage, especially when someone has provided proof upon proof of who they are.

This road isn’t an easy one….


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