The key to success in a direct sales business is FOLLOW UP.  I’m sure you’ve heard this thrown around in a lot of different contexts and by your fellow direct sales friends, but maybe you really don’t know what it means or better yet, what you think it means is insignificant in the big picture.

Follow up is customer service and it’s providing exceptional customer service to prospective shoppers and vip’s.  Follow up also is a big part of running a direct sales organization and team.  Let’s ponder this for a moment…will you ever know if your customer is satisfied with their purchase?  Will you know if there is a problem and if there is a problem and the customer doesn’t let you know, she’s let 10 friends know; this could get unpleasant right?  The same goes for your organization and team.  If you say you will be in touch, stay true to your word and follow up.

Let’s talk a bit about what follow up looks like in a couple of scenarios.

Scenario 1, a stranger

You’re at the grocery store, you’re wearing the product you sell and someone comments.  What do you do?  Do you retract into your shell and fumble over your words?  Do you hurry and share everything you can about the product?  Do you smile and engage?  We handle things differently based on a ton of factors!  Maybe you’re new, shy, in a hurry, or you’re a rockstar and can handle any situation.  No matter where you fall in this….your follow up and retention is VITAL to your business.  Remember, do what others won’t and think outside the box…see the bigger picture.  First impressions matter!!!

Talk to the prospect, make mental note of things about her.  Does she have kids, did she mention family or work, what was she wearing, what did she smell like, what color hair did she have and was she tall?  Anything that stands out, you will write down later because it will help jog your memory and potentially provide you with content to discuss later.

For example:

She was wearing a perfume that you really liked.  When you speak again you can mention that you really loved the perfume she was wearing and would like to know what it is.

Obtain her contact information and be sure to give her your business card.  Ask probing questions like “Do you have any upcoming gifts that you need to purchase?” or “Have you ever had an online party?”  “Would you like me to mail you a catalog, I’m all out right now?”

Over the next few weeks here is what you’ll want to do.  Let’s just say you have her name, email and phone.  Now, you definitely don’t want to be pushy and there is a way to provide a service without feeling like you are overbearing.  Just always remember, you have a gift to give others and they can open it or not; it’s not about you!  So, a few days after you met give her a call and ask if she has had a moment to jump online and look at your website.  If she’s not had time ask if you can email or mail her some examples/samples.  If she has looked, ask if she has any questions.  Let’s say she doesn’t respond of answer, what now?  Put a calendar reminder for yourself to follow up with her in 2 weeks.  Try again.  From here, I will follow up about once every 4-6 weeks and definitely when there is a new catalog release.

Scenario 2, your shopper

Sally has just hosted a party with you and 6 of her friends purchased product.  You’ve come home from the party, keyed in the orders, and your job is done right?  WRONG!  This is one of the most common problems with customer service and follow up.  Your job is technically never done.  You have a responsibility to that customer now and if you don’t take care of her, someone else will.

Once the orders are placed, pick up the phone and call all 7 people to let them know the order has been placed and ask if they’d like you to follow up and provide tracking info?

You will want to follow up about 3-5 days after deliver to see if they have any questions.

Next, you will want to send a thank you text or card, sharing your appreciation for their business.

Finally, follow up about 2 weeks later to see if they have any questions or concerns.  At this juncture you with get one of 4 answers, in most cases.

1) Things are great, thank you

2) There is an issue

3) My friends saw my purchase and I want to host or can you call their friend

4) I want to join your company, I’m hooked

You will never know if there is an issue and you may be missing the opportunity to sell additional items because of a lack of follow up.  It’s been statistically proven that follow up is where the fortune is and it’s a vital part of your business.



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