Team Promotion to Field Vice President

Thank you Origami Owl ® for this amazing article that encompasses my journey and our team promotion September 2018

Seven years ago, Rochelle Young’s life looked very different.

She was a stay-at-home mom fulfilling her desire to be closer to her daughter, but it left their family struggling to make ends meet.

“I felt like I wasn’t contributing to the household,” recalls Rochelle. “I didn’t like not having my own income.”

Then, Rochelle attended another direct sales party, where she met her Mentor, Field Vice President Kristine Stevens.

“I told Kristine I wasn’t interested in direct sales” at the time, shares Rochelle. “Then, in September 2011, Kristine told me she had discovered Origami Owl and had thought of me.”

Rochelle was hesitant at first about direct sales, but Kristine was persistent and won her over. She officially signed her Origami Owl contract in October of 2011 and became a Designer.

“Part of the reason I initially said ‘no’ to Origami Owl was because my husband had just had a major surgery,” recalls Rochelle. “We were literally living paycheck-to-paycheck and that held me back from joining. But, my husband told me to just go for it.”

That’s when something life-changing happened.

“I received my first paycheck,” shares Rochelle. “I thought, ‘Wow, I can pay some of that medical bill for my husband’s surgery.’ Then, my next two paychecks came, and I was able to start paying off medical bills and debt. I never expected it to be what it was and what it has become.”

Goals + Major Milestones

Soon after she realized she could contribute financially to their family, just like she had always wanted, Rochelle made a promise to herself that as soon as they had enough money, they would move back to North Phoenix to be closer to her family.

“When I first met my husband, he lived in Chandler and I lived in North Phoenix,” recalls Rochelle. “My goal after getting married was to always get back home and buy a house in North Phoenix to be closer to my family where I grew up.”

And, in 2013, that’s exactly what Rochelle did.

“I always say there is never a dream too big and anything is possible if you stay focused on what you want,” shares Rochelle.

Thanks to her Origami Owl business, Rochelle has also been able to go to the Walt Disney World Resort® with her husband, daughter, father and his wife, and purchase her dream vehicle (pictured here).

“I had my dream vehicle for three years,” shares Rochelle. “Then, a year ago, I sold it to purchase a travel trailer. I wanted the ability to get away from social media and get back to nature to enjoy peaceful getaways with my family.”

Being a Force For Good®

In addition to helping pay off debts, going on a special family vacation, moving closer to her family and buying her dream vehicle, Origami Owl also brought something very special to Rochelle’s life.

“Due to the loss of my mother, I was feeling empty,” shares Rochelle. “I needed camaraderie. I needed women around me; to do something more. Origami Owl helped fill that void for me.”

Origami Owl helped Rochelle continue her mom’s work – to help people.

“I have fulfilled her dream, as well as mine,” says Rochelle. “Every paycheck I got, I donated money to a cause. If I saw someone struggling to pay for their groceries at Wal-Mart, or a team member who was having a tough time paying bills, I always gave back to the community because that’s who my mom taught me to be. She was a very giving person who loved people. I wanted her memory to live on, and I want to keep doing her work.”

Rochelle has even passed this pay-it-forward message on to her team.

“I try really hard to tell my team that the bigger picture is what you’re doing for another person,” shares Rochelle. “Eliminate all the prejudgments. Offer the O2 business opportunity to every person you meet – regardless of what they look like. You never know whose life you can change and what someone is facing on the inside – depression, anxiety, etc. Just show them you care.”

Rochelle says she also learned a valuable life lesson as an 18-year-old bank teller, and it’s carried over into how she builds her team.

“I was told by my co-workers to be aware of my customers,” recalls Rochelle. “I was told not to treat anyone differently. One man would come in every Friday to deposit a lot of cash. He looked like he was homeless. He came in with cut-off Levi’s®, a cut-off shirt, a toupee and a fake ear. You’d never know it, but this man was a billionaire. That was a catalyst for change for me. To never judge anyone by what you see. I share that with my team. Put away your preconceived notions of people. It’s what’s on the inside that matters. You really need to focus on the bigger picture.”

The Journey to Earning Field Vice President

On top of being able to help people and give back others, Rochelle is especially proud of earning Field Vice President after a few significant setbacks.

“This last year has been difficult for me in my O2 business,” shares Rochelle. “I lost a lot of leaders and got very discouraged and depressed to the point where I considered throwing in the towel and ending my journey with O2. After months of feeling down, one day something just flipped.”

Rochelle decided she no longer wanted the negativity to consume her, so she set new goals for herself and her team.

“I decided what I truly wanted from my business and the kind of leader I was and the person I had become; it just wasn’t me,” recalls Rochelle. “I took charge of my business and one by one, my team began sponsoring and promoting again. I also started sponsoring again and making strides to get back on track. I’ve learned that we all have ups and downs, we just can’t let the downs define us.”

After taking charge of her business and working with her team, Rochelle was shocked when she looked at the numbers and realized how close she was to hitting Field Vice President.

“It was beyond unexpected,” says Rochelle. “After learning we were getting close to earning Field Vice President, I rallied my team to get in their Personal Volume (PV),” says Rochelle. “We hit Field Vice President three or four hours before month-end.”

After earning Field Vice President, Rochelle knew exactly how she’d use her Advancement Bonus.

“Just yesterday, on Monday, September 10, I was able to put a headstone on my great aunt’s grave,” shares Rochelle. “She didn’t have one for 20 years. I used half of my bonus money for the headstone and the other half will be going to my frontline. I wouldn’t be here without my team. It’s a collaborative effort. Recognition for my team is paramount to everything else in this business.”

Future O2 Goals

Now, Rochelle has a few more goals she’d like to achieve in the next six months.

“I would love to achieve Senior Field Vice President before the end of the year and a spot on the 2019 Punta Cana Incentive Trip,” says Rochelle. “I’d also love to achieve Parliament. Parliament was never an option before for me. Now it’s on my radar because it’s actually attainable.”

Rochelle is also focused on helping and supporting her team reach their goals.

“I’ve done the things I’ve set out to do,” shares Rochelle. “Now I want to help my team reach their goals. It’s not about the limelight; it’s about helping others.”

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