Change creates pause, it creates fear, and for some exhilaration.   Very few people that I’ve met have embraced change 100%.

It’s hard….right?

Well, every single year, I select a word that becomes “MY WORD” that carries me through the next 12 months.  I embrace the word and embody it in every way I can.

The last 2 years my words have been Cadence and Release.  I honestly think I used Release for 3 years straight, because I was really struggling with the lesson of letting things go.

CHANGE is epic, it’s going to rock my world and I am soooooo ready!!  The first big change I’ve made started in my mind.  I needed to gain a new mindset and that in itself was hard.  I really want to start taking better care of myself!  I used to…I used to hike 24 miles a week and cycle 70!!  I do miss the feeling of being mentally clean and clear, with my anxiety non existent.  My body needs the physical challenge!  I’m quickly approaching 46 years old and literally in the worst physical shape I’ve ever been in.  I endured a tendon tear, ligament tear and bone cyst in my dominant hand this past year.  These 3 issues were debilitating; committing me to months of therapy and a brace.  My body was so unhappy that it was forced to slow down.  Mentally I struggled, depending on others for simple tasks like cleaning a mirror or writing a grocery list.  2019 is my year to strengthen my body, which forces me to work less and be present more.

Next on my list if a mindset change from workaholic to a more present housewife and mom.  The past year, I’ve been studying and taking classes.  I was chasing a dream…to become a realtor.  I decided to “pull the plug” and let this dream go; it just doesn’t feel right and my heart is 1000% vested with Origami Owl ® and my amazing Whootie Ninjas. I simply refuse to add another 20-40 hours of work to my week; I want to work less.  I want to be present.  So, I’m setting aside blocks of time for work, fitness, for cleaning, grocery shopping, for food preparation etc.

What will your word be and how will it impact your 2019?

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