Meet Rochelle



Hi, thank you so much for dropping by. I am so excited to share my story with you! Never in a million years could I have ever realized that my personal dreams and aspirations could become my reality. Being my own boss was something I never thought would ever happen…but it did and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself to you! My name is Rochelle Young, I live in Phoenix, AZ. I began my full time career with Origami Owl Family of Brands in October 2011. I was offered an exciting opportunity to partake in a ground floor opportunity in our Custom Jewelry line, as a “pre-launch” designer. As the 5th designer with the company and part of the first 28 who joined, my role was to ensure Origami Owl became a household name. I’d say we did a pretty good job!!

I’m very passionate about helping others my role permits me this opportunity in ways that I never thought would be possible!  Not only can I help others gain financial freedom, but I can do so by inspiring others to live a happier life.

I love my job, the mission of the company and how it’s helped me grow as a person. My three favorite things-helping my team, inspiring others and learning!  I love to learn!!!

I invest my heart into my team and help them reach their goals! This is my only job and I do work full time, with business hours of course. I am a mom and wife, a nature lover, allergy girl, book nerd and animal lover….so finding a good work/life balance has been very important to me.

Direct Sales Awards Received

  • 2018 Achieved “Parliament”
  • 2018 Earned a trip for two to Punta Cana
  • 2018 Achieved Field Vice President August
  • 2018 Achieved Executive Director May
  • 2017 Top 10 Team Sales
  • 2016 Top 10 Team Sales
  • 2015 Top 10 Team Sales
  • 2014 Top 10 Team Sales
  • 2014 6th Highest Producing Team in the Nation
  • 2014 Million Dollar Parliament Team Award
  • 2014 Top 10 Senior Director Teams
  • 2014 Incentive trip earner, 10th place overall
  • 2013 Top 10 Team Sales
  • 2013 Achieved Senior Director March
  • 2013 Voted Most Inspiring Designer by my peers
  • 2013 6th Highest Producing Team in the Nation
  • 2013 Million Dollar Parliament Team Award
  • 2012 Top 10 Team Sales
  • 2012 Achieved Director November
  • 2012 7th Highest Producing Team in the Nation
  • 2012 Balanced Business Award
  • 2012 Savvy Seller Award
  • 2012 7th Highest Producing Personally Sponsored Team in the Nation

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